A recent examination of the real estate market reveals a sharp decrease in the demand for housing in metropolitan areas. There are a variety of explanations for this declining tendency, the most obvious of which is the advent of a pandemic. Covid has made individuals fear crowded locations and yearn for a luxurious existence in a remote location. 

While other real-estate investments have been declining, second residences for a home near Mumbai have witnessed an increase. Since the lockdowns, second houses have been in high demand among city dwellers. Most working professionals now work from home, so they want to relocate to a less congested location, have all of the essential facilities, and are ideally positioned near a vacation destination.

The growing trend of second homes

People who plan to buy a house today may enjoy big financial returns on their investment in the long term. There are several more variables, including health and wellness concerns, the WFH structure, individuals moving closer to their families, and favourable real estate regulations. This is progressively drawing even the well-travelled upper-middle class, who used to take annual vacations but now can’t because of travel limitations.

Endless factors in booking your second homes

Due to a variety of factors, second home in Mumbai investments has consistently shown to be successful. Around Mumbai, there are numerous types of second home investments available, including countryside properties in Dhekale, NH-08. Many offices have declared work from home a necessity since the outbreak, and employees have been taking full advantage of it. 

An investment in a second home or resort house near their primary residence makes it very convenient to travel back and forth in the event of an emergency and experience life as if it were a vacation. To top it off, the pleasures you may enjoy for the money spent are unrivalled by city homes.

Second houses are cost-effective and may be a terrific way for you to make passive income. When you’re not using the house, you may rent it out to visitors who are visiting the area, making it a simple method to generate money.

Home for the weekend

Countryside houses are a novel idea in the second home category that has piqued the interest of realtors and investors alike. Countryside houses are a nature surrounded area where individual suites and villas are for sale and may be owned for a lifetime. The benefit of owning such a property is that the resort authorities maintain and care for these homes. All an owner has to do is pack their belongings and go to their destination. Most resort properties provide a luxurious lifestyle with amenities such as pools, spas, and gyms, making working from home feel like a vacation.


Whether it’s buying a city apartment or a second property in a beautiful region, the choice of investment is entirely up to you. However, the presence of a comfortable and big living space with all of the necessary conveniences makes the bargain alluring.

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